Winner, Winner (But Not a Chicken Dinner)

You know those contest offers we all get? “Enter to win a copy of Book by Author”? And we either ignore it because “no one really wins those things” or we enter but think “I never win these things”. Welp, I can’t say that anymore, because I recently won a copy of the illustrated hardcover of “The Last Wish” by Andrzej Sapkowski from Orbit Books. I had read it before (borrowed from the library) when I started watching the Netflix show in its first season. I have since read the second set of short stories and plan to read the novels at some point. So, it was a real treat to get the message saying I had won the book.

And it’s a really nice book. The dust jacket illustrations are lovely work by Tommy Arnold. The interior illustrations and endpapers are by a variety of artists, and all are nicely done and fit the stories well. I like it.

Here are a few pictures:

Front Dustjacket
Back Dustjacket
Book Cover
Interior Illustration
Interior Illustration

That’s one contest I am glad I decided to enter!


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