Crossed Wires and Other Very Short Stories: The Fantasy Stories

On May 17, 2022, I have a collection of very short stories being published. There are twenty-four stories in the collection. Twelves are fantasy, and twelve are sci-fi. None are much more than 2000 words, and many are shorter. Today, I am going to list the twelve fantasy stories and give a short description of each.

Cat and Mouse: When a demon crosses into our world, the battle to defeat it also crosses the borders of realities in a deadly game of Cat and Mouse.

Christmas Spirit: Once a year, a retired cop is murdered, a cryptic note left behind. Will a little Christmas Spirit ever solve the crimes?

Learning to Fly: Long before the events of “Circle Unbroken”, Kaili was a typical girl child. Because what little girl can resist using her magic abilities even if it is pushing the limits of what is acceptable? It’s all part of growing up and Learning to Fly. A prequel story in the world of “Circle Unbroken” by the author.

A Life in the Year: Some insects live only a short time. Some are more than they seem. And some are both and can teach you a lot about A Life in the Year.

A Girl and Her Imp: Invisible friends. The stuff of childhood imagination. Or are they? A Girl and Her Imp might have something to say about that. Set in the world of the “Yo-Yo Files” series by the author.

Run: When you’re the different one in school, you learn to do what you can to avoid the popular girls. But when you have finally had enough of their teasing, one day it becomes their turn to Run.

Academy in the Night: As the principal of a haunted school, you do what you can for the children. Even on Halloween, when the ghosthunters come to your Academy in the Night.

Catch a Falling Star: All Hallow’s Eve. The day when spirits can walk this earth again. Unfortunately, not all of them are harmless, and someone needs to be there to Catch a Falling Star.

Seeing the Wizard: Wizards can be annoying with their riddles and half-answers. All Paul wanted was a straight answer and to know if he was really Seeing the Wizard.

Things that Go Bump in the Night: The monster isn’t always under the bed. Sometimes, the monster is upstairs, even if Mom says there’s nothing to be afraid of. And sometimes, the monster is in both places, for different reasons. And the only way to find out is to look for Things that Go Bump in the Night.

He Followed Me Home: There are some things money can’t buy, and friendship is one of those things. Even then, we don’t always choose our friends. Sometimes, they choose us, as one traveler finds out when He Followed Me Home.

Something in the Water: There’s Something in the Water this year. The weird old guy on the shore told Pete the lake is “working”. Pete doesn’t know what that means until his sister dives into the working magic of the lake.

The scifi stories, more details, and information on pre-orders coming in the next few weeks.

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