Well, Hello, COVID!

Yep, it finally caught up to us. I was starting to cough a little bit on Sunday, and by Monday, I was feeling like I had a nice little cold coming on. The BaldMan had a doctor appointment on Tuesday, and when he got home, he said multiple people who were at his high school reunion over the weekend were testing positive for COVID. We did rapid at-home tests. His was positive; mine was negative. He scheduled a PCR test for himself that afternoon. I re-tested on Wednesday, and this time, it was pretty solidly positive. Reported it to our doctor, and got prescriptions for antiviral meds. His PCR came back positive (not really a surprise). So, we have been good little quarantined babies and hunkered down to wait it out.

The worst I felt was a bad cold- scratchy throat, cough, generally run-down, low grade fever. Other than about a day and a half where all I did most of the day was sleep, it never got worse than that. By Thursday, I was feeling better. By the weekend, I was pretty much on the downside of it all. Still feeling not quite 100%, but definitely better. Thank the gods for the vaccine and booster!

The biggest disappointment was we had to miss our trip to Wells, Maine for the cook off on the weekend! Maine is my favorite cook off. Wells is a nice little town, we have become friends with the organizer and usually go to dinner with her on Friday, and the potluck for cooks and others after the cook off on Saturday is our chance to really sit and visit with cooks, judges, and whoever else comes. Add to that we were going to stop in MA to visit our oldest daughter, her husband, our grandson, and their brand new PUPPY! Stupid COVID!

So, not much got done last week. Basically, just what was necessary. The rest of my time was spent hydrating, resting, and just getting over the stupid virus. I am hoping for a better week going forward. I am going to take it a bit slower than usual, just to be sure I don’t relapse or anything. So far, so good.

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