Ho, Ho, Ho, and All That

Welp, it’s running right quickly down to Christmas Eve and Christmas, and then the beginning of the New Year. The house is mostly decorated, with just a couple more things to get set up. We got a tree last week. It’s pretty, if a bit short, but it is very, very full. Hanging ornaments is going to be interesting. The BaldMan worked on the lights on Sunday afternoon. He bought new ones (again!). Some sort of fancy ones that do tricks and such. It’s cute, but me? I like just plain white lights on a tree. Anyway, the tree is up and lighted, so I will get to the ornaments this week.

I spent my Sunday afternoon making pierogi for the Christmas Eve wigilia. The BaldMan’s family is Polish and it is a tradition for them. We will have the dinner at his parents’ house, but his sister and we will do the cooking. We are making the pierogi, vegetable soup (no meat for this dinner), and our fish course. I tried a new recipe for the pierogi dough, from America’s Test Kitchen. It was a good one. The dough was easy to work with and made filling and sealing the dumplings a snap.

Christmas dinner will be here. With the usual prime rib, twice-baked potatoes, and green beans. I am making rum raisin crème brûlée for dessert. It’s a good choice, I think, for several reasons. It’s not a big, heavy dessert which no one needs after a big meal, and I can bake the custards anytime this week and they will hold in the refrigerator until Sunday when I will caramelize the sugar on top.

I do wish the sun would come back. We have had so many grey, gloomy days so far this month. And it affects my mood when we don’t see the sun for days. We did get some snow at the end of the week. Not much, just a few inches, but there have been flurries every day. Not enough to accumulate. Just enough to make themselves known.

I hope your holiday plans, whatever you celebrate, are going smoothly. Have a good week, don’t stress too much, and enjoy the season!

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