I Couldn’t Think of Anything Snappy for a Title, So This is What You Get

The rain finally went away this week, so I was able to finish up some of the outside work. I hauled the rest of the bags of soil to the raised bed garden and got it filled. I emptied the tomato and cucumber boxes to find that one of them is cracked across the bottom. It’s still usable but won’t be self-watering anymore. And now, I wonder if that wasn’t the problem with that one last year. The leak was slow enough that it filled but likely drained away much faster than I realized, and the poor cucumbers never got enough steady watering. Well, I know more this year. I also got the front hill garden cleaned up, most of the leaves pulled out, weeded, and trimmed out. Looks much better. The monarda and echinacea I ordered for the containers I will put out front got planted, as well. Yes, they are cultivars specifically for container use, but are still good for pollinators. I’m okay with that because I want to keep the annuals to a minimum. We’ll see how these new kids overwinter in the containers. It was a pretty good day’s work, but my back is feeling it today!

In other news, I have a bit of a field trip at the end of the weekend. I am going with our middle daughter to see Taylor Swift at PNC Field in Philadelphia, PA on Friday. No, I am not much of a Taylor Swift fan, but she is, and she needed someone to go with her. Since I am just that awesome a mom, I said I would. We head down on Friday, and come back on Saturday. May try to fit in a quick visit with my sister while we are there.

Here at the desk, I have been giving a deep re-read of the sci-fi book I’ve been working on. And what I have discovered is that there is far, far too much “stuff” going on before we actually get to the meat of the story. It’s essentially a murder mystery in a sci-fi setting (and the origin story, if you will, of the main character in another book of mine), but the murder itself is too far into the the story, I think. I’ll be working on cutting/rearranging this week. Sorry, Kate, but you are just going to have to die earlier!

It’s a lovely day, and I think it is time for a nice doggie walk. I know Lambeau will appreciate that.

Make it a good week, okay? Drink your water. Eat a vegetable. Get outside and refresh. Be nice to one another.

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