Friday Review: Sky in the Deep (Sea and Sky #1) by Adrienne Young

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Eelyn is a warrior for the Aska clan. Every five years, they battle the rival Riki in a contest that has gone on for as long as legends are told. The book opens with the current battle being fought, but Eelyn is sure she saw her brother, who she would swear she saw killed in the previous battle, fighting on the side of the Riki. She tries to catch up to him, only to be captured by the Riki herself. As she recovers from an arrow wound and works as a servant for the family that rescued her brother (yes, he is alive), she begins to rethink her clan’s long-standing rivalry with the Riki. She is also beginning to have feelings for a Riki warrior who is her brother’s best friend. When a new and powerful enemy begins laying waste to both Aska and Riki villages, Eelyn and her brother face the task of uniting the two clans if any of them want to survive.

I enjoyed this one. It’s fairly typical YA fare with a strong female warrior lead, a long-standing rivalry, and a love interest on the wrong side of the battle. It’s not the most complexly plotted book, but the basic story is decent and there are some nicely done battle and other action scenes. Characters are interesting, though some could use a bit more development and rounding. The worldbuilding is well done with the Viking-esque setting feeling accurate enough. There are some slower parts, especially while Eelyn is recovering and learning to trust the Aski, but they do serve to highlight Eelyn’s coming to terms with the Riki as people, not just rivals to be killed. The new enemy is pretty standard fare- brutal, stronger, and merciless. The plot moves well for the most part, with the above-mentioned slower spots. Action is woven in throughout, so there is usually something to step up the movement. The ending, while a bit predictable, works for this type of story.

Overall, it was a decent read. It read quickly and easily. Certainly not a bad choice.

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