The Work Continues

On the landscaping, that is. It’s taking longer than expected, but that’s okay. The company doing the work is very good. They take the time to do the job right, even if it takes longer than originally stated. They got the downspouts buried and spilling out on the front hill. The front garden bed is extended over the top of the hill. The backyard is all raked out, and the areas dug out for the grill patio and firepit, with landscape fabric and gravel down in those. The footings are in for the pergola roof over the grill patio (we are doing the roof ourselves). So, they need to put in the pavers for the floor of the patio and firepit area, and level the yard, add topsoil, and seed with the fleur de lawn mix we chose. It’s kind of a mess right now, but will be really nice once done.

Our 45th anniversary was Saturday. We didn’t go out or anything, but we did have lobster tails here at home. We haven’t had lobster in a while, so it was a good dinner for the occasion. And champagne, because bubbles go with everything and are also a good celebratory wine, right?

Stephanie and I went to see Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 3 on Wednesday evening. It was really a good ending to that trilogy of movies. There were tears, both sad and happy. I liked finally getting Rocket’s backstory, sad as it was. I was happy to see there wasn’t a “miracle” resolution to the Star Lord/Gamora situation, either. That probably disappointed some, but I think the way they left it was the right choice. And the whole wrap up for all of the characters was pretty much on point, at least for me. It was entertaining without a lot of “Wait- what?” moments and that’s all I ask from a movie like that.

I did a bit more on Deuces Wild last week. I am currently working on filling in some gaps in the timeline and stripping out much of the exposition so the main problem of the story hits faster. And I started on a short story (working title Turn Table) that will have an evil unicorn in it. I don’t have the whole thing fleshed out yet, but I did write the beginning which gets things going. Hoping to get a good bit done on both this week.

We bought a tomato plant. I wasn’t going to get anything more until the work on the yard is finished, but these were really good sized plants, healthy looking, and at a good price. The perennials I planted along the side of the house are doing well, and the front hill is filling out nicely. And that’s pretty much all the news from here.

Make it a good week, okay? Drink your water. Eat a vegetable. Get outside and refresh. Be nice to one another.

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