Timely Tuesday: A Peek at the Cover, and Some Details

Coming soon to an ebook near you:

Six of One: A Collection of Short Fantasy by M.A. Kropp.

Six of One



Six of One is a collection of short fantasy pieces. There are mermaids, wizards, imps,  elves, angels and demons, and frogs in the night. Many are lighthearted and fun; a few are darker in tone. The collection will be available in all popular ebook formats, as well as .pdf and .txt. Available dates will be coming soon.

It’s actually happening! When I started putting this collection together, there were days it seemed as if the whole project would never come together. As we get closer to it actually being available for sale, it seems like ages ago that I started thinking about it. I’m excited and nervous, and staring at a list of last-minute to-dos with that “deer in headlights” look! And, now, back to work so I can get this to you soon!

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