Monday Musings: Adventures in Publishing and Some Dates to Remember

“Don’t worry,” they said.

“It’ll be fun,” they said.

“Formatting is easy,” they said.

Once again, “they” lied. Well, not entirely. It was fun- sort of. There were glitches and frustrating points, but seeing the converted version sitting there on my Kindle and in calibre is, as the TV ad says, priceless.

I was having some issues with the Table of Contents links. The converted files were picking up the first three bookmarks perfectly, but none of the rest worked. I tried all the things I could find in the guide, and finally called in the tech department. It baffled him for a bit, as well. We finally figured out that the conversion process Smashwords uses seems to not like two bookmarks in a row. So I changed that, and, viola! (Yes, I meant the medium-sized fiddle there!) The Table of Contents works just dandy now. Then I tweaked the page breaks a bit to get them how I wanted them, and it went through the conversions on Smashwords with no automatically generated errors. Huzzah! Now it sits, awaiting their manual review to make sure it meets all the guidelines and such things. I don’t know for sure how long that will take.

So what does that mean? It means that once it is approved, Six of One: A Collection of Short Fantasy, will go on presale at Barnes and Noble (for the Nook), Kobo, and the Apple bookstore. Those are the only presales offered right now. It will be presold until October 8, when all presales will be delivered, and on that date, it will go live at Smashwords for any ebook format you may prefer, and also at Amazon. (I hope. Still looking at the Amazon requirements, but I will keep you updated.)

I will let everyone interested know when I have confirmation that the book is available. Thank you in advance for your interest, and for coming along on this journey. It’s been a learning experience, and the education continues.