Monday Musings: Home Alone, A Chill in the Air, and Mailing List, Anyone?

I was home all by myself from early Saturday morning until mid-afternoon on Sunday. Well, I had seven cats, one dog, two guinea pigs, and some fish for company, but the human folk were gone. The BaldMan and Steph went to the Connecticut State Chili Cook Off. I would have gone, but that would leave no one to stay with the Old Dog. Steph usually does that duty for us, but she does not get to many cook offs, and she had already taken the time off for this one, so I let her go. There will be plenty of others for me to get to.

Of course, we couldn’t leave Old Dog home alone, and he is just at the point where I really can’t send him to the boarding kennel. He can be a handful, what with his legs not so good these days, and his hearing and eyesight both not all that great. And his cognitive issues have gotten to the point that if he is not in familiar territory, he gets very nervous and upset. He needs to be home with someone who knows him. It wasn’t even a decision- I just did it, because he needs it and deserves to be taken care of as best I can.

And it was kind of nice, actually. They left super early on Saturday, since it is about a 3 hour drive to New Haven. I have to admit, I didn’t do a whole lot! I folded some laundry, and straightened up the kitchen, and took care of the animals, but for a good part of the day, I caught up on some TV that the BaldMan doesn’t watch. It was good to have them home again on Sunday, but also nice to have a day to myself.

It seems Fall has arrived. We had a rather warm day or two a week or so ago, but most days now are getting chilly, and the nights are really nice for sleeping. We’ve not needed the AC in days, and can leave the door open all day. The mums are blooming, and I’ve had to pull some plants out of the garden that did not fare well in the cooler nights. Leaves are starting to fall, and to turn color. Apple picking has started, and pumpkins are out for sale. It’s getting to be soup and stew weather, isn’t it? I like Fall, but I also know Winter is on the way. I am not fond of Winter, I have to say. I don’t particularly like being cold, and you can keep the snow and ice, thank you! But I also know that Spring will follow, as the Wheel turns on its way. So, I guess we just enjoy the cool days and nights, hunker down for the cold, and look forward to the Spring green appearing again.

Last week, I sent out an email to a list of folk, announcing the on-sale dates for my book. I am toying with the idea of making that into a more formal mailing list. It would be used for announcement about my writing, exclusively. New publications, major news, things like that. I promise I will not spam your inboxes with constant repetition of the same stuff. The mailing list will be used for real news. If you would like to be added to the list, just drop me an email at makropp at gmail dot com, with the subject: Mailing List. Tell me you want to be included, and give me the email address you want the mailings to go to. Also, if you received the email last week, and would like to be taken off the list, let me know that, as well, I promise, I won’t like you any less if you would rather not get emails from me. I know we all have tons of stuff to wade through, and sometimes, one more is just one too many. Thanks, either way. I want those who would like to be kept up-to-date to have that, and those who don’t want more “stuff” coming at them to have their preference, as well.

Have a good week, and if you are getting this lovely Fall weather, get out and enjoy it!

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