Monday Musings: Yard Work, Garden Plans, and Dog Walking

We got a good bit of yard work done on Saturday. It was a nice day, although a bit breezy. The BaldMan took the snowblower off the lawn tractor (No More Snow!). He didn’t put the mower deck on. It needs a good cleaning and the blades need sharpening. The grass is barely growing yet, so no need for it immediately. Then, he cut down a lot of the overhanging branches in the chicken’s run. We had a large branch that didn’t completely break off a tree out there and there were a lot of the smaller branches overhanging the pen. He was going to try to saw down the whole thing, but the tree saw needed a new blade, too. A lot got cleaned up, though. And then he hitched the trailer to the tractor and picked up the downed branches in the yard.

I did some raking, and cleaned the chickens waterers and treat bowls. I also took the heater out from under the in-coop waterer. Next will be to get a bale of shavings and clean out the coop completely. The stuff I shovel out will go out back to compost for a year, and then it will go in the garden.

We finished that stuff up and went to get the saw blade and I picked up the seeds for the garden this year. I got it planned out on Sunday. Now to get things going. I do have carrots and peas planted already. We are doing most of the usual stuff, but are going to try growing some broccoli rabe this year. And I am planting more asparagus. I’ve lost a few plants to the cold, and just want to turn a whole raised bed into asparagus.

Sunday morning, we took Lambeau to a local park for an organized dog walk. It was set up by the kennel we use to board him so that dogs and people could get some practice in with polite walking. That is one thing he really needs. He’s good here at home, and he’s fine on our walks around the neighborhood, but it’s quiet and there aren’t a lot of distraction. Get him out with a lot of other dogs and people, and he gets really overexcited and it is hard to get him to focus. He is good with other dogs. He just wants to play all the time with all of them. He will even ignore all the really good treats. He was a little devil for a while- pulling, whining, jumping, and just being a Lambutt. He started to settle down a bit eventually, although he never got to the truly calm stage. These walks are going to be weekly, so we are planning on getting him to as many as we can. It will do him good, and he needs practice at calm behavior when other dogs are around.

We stopped at Market Basket after to pick up a few things, and I took him out of the car there to get a bit more practice in. He was good. He was also tired, and there were no other dogs. Just have to keep working with him.

Today is rainy, so no outside work, I guess. There is rain predicted for most of the week. I hope it blows off. I really want to get some of the harder work done before it starts getting too hot. I have a list of things I want to do, and rainy days don’t fit on it!

We have achieved “ice out” on my little pond. Yay! Now I need to get it cleaned out and put the filter back on it. Then I can look at some water plants.

Doing ALL the Spring chores!