Monday Musings: Mostly Post-Thanksgiving Stuffs

Thanksgiving was, once again this year, at our daughter’s house in MA. With the addition of several grandchildren who are well out of the infant seat stage, our dining room is not nearly big enough anymore. We had eleven adults, three children, and one infant. Not to imply that poor Logan is not a child, but the other three are old enough to eat at the table, and he is most definitely not. Unless, of course, someone is holding him and giving him his bottle! We also had two dogs, and three cats. The cats pretty much stayed out of the way. The dogs were not necessarily IN the way, but they were, as dogs will be, right in there where the people were! It was busy, but it was a lovely weekend. Good food, good company, just good times.

One of the dogs was, of course, Lambeau. He was so much better than last year. Of course, last year, he was barely a year old, and didn’t have a lot of experience with other dogs and lots of people. And he just loves everyone and everything, so he was a bit- exuberant. LOL This year, he was calmer, even with Molly, our daughter’s Great Pyrenees. Oh, let them out in the yard, and he wanted to run and play, which she did, also. But inside, he wasn’t jumping all over her like last year. He would follow her around, and sniff and lick her face, but he wasn’t as rambunctious. He was a bit better with the people, too. He listened far more readily. I was even able to take both dogs out for a walk without problem. He is definitely improving. All the work I do with him is starting to show.

As always, dinner was amazing. I’m putting the menu in as the picture with this post. Dessert was my job. The BaldMan goes all out on his Thanksgiving meal, and it is always wonderful. So wonderful, in fact, that we went home with little in the way of leftovers! Not that I mind, of course. I am glad people enjoyed the meal and wanted to eat the food. And it was kind of nice not to have a ton of leftovers for just the two of us to deal with. We did bring home enough turkey to get a second Thanksgiving (Gee, now I sound like a Hobbit! Except, of course, second Thanksgiving was on a different day), turkey noodle soup with broth made from the carcass, and a small batch of croquettes. We had some of the croquettes for dinner Saturday night. If you don’t know turkey croquettes, see my blog post from last Wednesday.

As much fun as the holiday weekend was, it is good-as always- to be home. I took it a bit easy this week, just to recover some from all the- well, I don’t want to say stress because that has so many negative attachments. Busyness? Activity? Well, more than our usual weekend, for sure. And it takes a bit of a toll, so easy does it was the week for me. Diving back into things this week. Hey, Christmas is right around the corner, so stuff gots to get done!

Oh, and I have a second monitor on my computer again! Yay for me! The one I tried to use was apparently too old and the “new” desktop (it’s a few years old now) wouldn’t support it. The new one is working just dandy. I’m glad. I do like having two monitors when I’m writing. It works out well for me and helps me keep on track and organized.

Speaking of writing, I am letting the sci-fi space opera thing I did for NaNoWriMo in November sit for a while. I need some space with things before I dive into revising, so I will be working on other things for a while. I have some short stuff that needs attention, I’m going to pull the story I’ve been serializing here on the blog together into an e-book (which wll be free, so stay tuned for that in a couple months), and a possible holiday story that popped into my head the other day. Enough to keep me busy, I am sure.

Oh, and football on the weekends. Always football on the weekends this time of year!


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