Monday Musings: Back to the Grind, Upcoming Stuff, Dog Park Fun, Star Wars, and Audiobooks

And the holidays are officially over, I guess. Most people are back to work today. Most celebrations are over. We try to get back into the normal daily routine, after vacations and holiday travel. As much as the holidays are fun and festive and fantastic, there is a certain feeling of right about getting back to normal.

Which, of course, means back to regular writing. I have a short story to finish and get submitted by the middle of the month. I have this year’s NaNoWriMo project to revise and edit. I have a plan for that one, but I need to get the work done. And the second in that series is started and needs its plan finished. So I have much to do. But that is a good thing, of course. I also have the final part of the serial I’ve been posting here to put up at the end of this month. Then, I am going to pull it all together, and put it out as an e-book, Free, of course, since it has been available here for the past year. It was kind of fun. I may do it again.

I also have some other ideas for the coming year. I need to sit down and work out details, but you will be the first to hear once I do.

In other news, we took Lambeau to the park for a walk and play time at the dog park twice. The first time, on Friday, we got a good walk in, and then he played with a fairly large group of dogs for a while. He did well, as usual. He’s getting much better with both other dogs and people. He’s more polite and initiates play much less rudely. He will still jump on people a bit- though that is much less often, also- but he gets down when told. The second time, on Saturday, the park was slippery and icy, and he didn’t like the cold. Footing was tough in spots for us, also. And I didn’t put his jacket on him and I should have. He’s short-coated with no undercoat and he’s not happy with the cold. There weren’t as many dogs at the dog park, either, and that is not his best situation. He really needs a fairly large group of dogs to spread out his energy. Sunday, he was focused on two dogs almost exclusively, because they played as energetically as he does. But the downside is that with that much focus on only two, he got hyper-excited and over-focused on those two. Eventually, I had to just get him and we took him home, because things were getting a bit out of hand. Better to take him out of the situation than have something unpleasant happen, even if it is not intentional. He’s only two, so there’s a lot of energy and excitement there.

And then- Friday afternoon, we went to see Star Wars:The Force Awaken at the IMAX 3D theater. I am a Star Wars fan and I have been looking forward to this movie so much. It did not disappoint. I will not spoil it for those who have not seen it yet, but- wow. Did you love Episodes IV, V, and VI? You will love this. Many nods to the originals, the same humor, and, yes, I cried. The only negative part was that we got there too late and the only seats we could get were right up front. Not ideal for the 3D experience. So, we did the only reasonable thing- we went again on Sunday! We picked the first showing and got there an hour early and got much better seats. I had a few books on my phone, so I passed the time reading. It was just as good the second time, and, yes, the tears started earlier. Arh! It’s hard not giving away too much! (If you’ve seen it, and want to talk about it, I can start a Spoilers post here.)

I also decided to try audiobooks this week. Our library has a good collection of those, so I have one out now, and another on hold. I haven’t listened to an audiobook since I had was driving to and from work. It will be interesting to see how it goes.

New year, new beginnings. Let’s make it a good one!

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