Friday Review: 2015

Just some random stats for the blog, plus a little thinking back, on the year that just went by:

Blog views: 1700

Busiest day: July 6th with 34 views. The post: Cover Reveal: Circle Unbroken

Total new posts: 136

The Five Most Viewed Posts:
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Interesting that one of the most viewed was from 2013. I had visitors to the blog from 44 countries, with the most from the US, UK, and India.
I can’t say this was the best year I’ve had. Stuff happened. Then again, stuff always happens, so I guess that’s not a reason to write off the whole year.
I made some money on book sales. Oh, not enough to retire to a private island or anything, but enough that we must claim it on the year’s taxes. I submitted a guest post to one of the blogs I follow, it got accepted, and I got paid for that, too.
Lambeau turned two this year. The grandchildren turned seven, four, and two, and we welcomed baby Logan in September. The kids are all doing well. The rest of our families are doing well, for the most part. We are in good health and able to do pretty much whatever we want to without physical restriction. Oh, there will be no marathons in my future, but I can live with that. So, for the most part, it was a year. It came, it flowed on from day to day, and now it is gone, and we move into the next. As always happens. As I am always grateful for, since the alternative is less than appealing. (Unless, of course, we get stuck in some sort of time-space warp thingie. But that’s a story for another day.)
I hope all of us have a much better 2016, even if 2015 was a completely awesome year for you. Let’s make it brighter, friendlier, more peaceful, and more joyous for everyone around us. We may not be able to control every little thing that happens, but we can control those.
Happy New Year!
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