Monday Musings: Imbolc, the Feast of St. Brigid (or I Am Ready For Spring)!

Today (or tomorrow in some traditions) is the Celtic Feast of St. Brigid, the feast honoring not only the saint herself, but the returning of the Light and the early signs of Spring.  It is one of the four main fire festivals in pagan tradition.


It seems she has sent us a lovely reminder of the days to come, as we have quite warm (for February) weather today, even if it is a bit gray and cloudy.

I, for one, am more than ready for Spring to get here. It’s been a long winter for many reasons, and the new beginning aspect to the anticipation of the arrival of Spring is so very appropriate in many ways right now. Looking forward, brighter futures, seeing more Light all around- All good things to bring into one’s life.

A blessed Imbolc to everyone! May your Spring be a time of hope, joy, and light!

(Photo by: Wikicommons)


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