Monday Musings: Uh, Mother Nature? WTF?

We got hammered with snow at the end of the week, as did many. The overnight stuff was heavy and wet, and then turned somewhat drier as Friday went on. And, of course, we had some business that HAD to be taken care of on Friday. So, out we went into the teeth of it. It was not pretty. Flashing blue lights in more than one place. Tow trucks everywhere, either at the scene of an accident or on the way to another one. Roads were slippery and visibility was crappy. In other words, it was a day to stay indoors and hunker down. But, no, we had to (and, really, we DID have to) get this done. So, of course, the weather decides to take a nose dive. And it apparently isn’t over. The forecasters are predicting even MORE snow for next week. What the heck? We get nothing more than an inch or so all winter long, and now, when I am anticipating the arrival of nicer weather, SLAM. Bleah.

Eh, whatever. I’ll get over it. Probably. I know I’ll survive it. Have done so for many year. Doesn’t mean I have to like it. So, yeah, Mother Nature? Take it easy, okay? Pretty please?

Not much has been happening here lately. Just busy with stuff that needs to get done over the next couple weeks. More on that as things move along.

Writing has been slow. Some of it due to the other stuff that I’ve been concetrating on, and some due to just hitting some walls. The edits on “Two’s Company” are crawling along. I think I am going to need other eyes on it soon, as I am backing up against some walls I’m not sure how to get around.

And the free ebook? Not sure exactly when that one will be available. Soon. -ish. Sorry about that one.

On a better note, I have been playing with a second story with the characters from “Five and Daemon”, and I did hit on what should work as the main plot. So that one should start rolling along better now.

Superbowl tomorrow night! Yeah! As many know, I am not a fan of the Broncos or of Peyton Manning, but I acknowledge that he is a very good quarterback. And, as this may well be his last season, I would like to see him go out on a high, and get this win. Besides, I think Cam Newton could stand to have his ego ramped down a few notches. So, while I don’t have a personal horse in this race, I do kind of hope the Broncos defense can hold Cam down, and that Peyton has a good game to go with it.

That was my week. Now, we move into another one. I hope it’s a good one for all of us!

(The picture is from a few years ago, but it looks a lot like that out there now.)


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