Monday Musings:

Well, it is another gray and gloomy Monday, with rain in the forecast (and outside, so I guess those guys were right today!). It has left me with a gray and gloomy attitude, also, and not a whole lot of ambition. I have stuff to do, just not much desire to actually do it!

April seems to be birthday month in my world. I have an April birthday, as does youngest daughter, hubby, and various relatives of mine. Springing up baby, I guess!

Speaking of Spring, I am still waiting for it to arrive. The weather has been so up-and-down, hot-and-cold, snow-and-sun that I think even the trees are confused. We have buds, but very few actual leaves out there. And when I walk the dog on the woods trails, there is not much green poking through the leaf cover yet. I know, it is still early April and this is New England, but I would like a little more green, please. On the plus side, daffodils, tulips, and daylilies are giving a good showing, with their leaves getting taller by the day.

We are pretty settled in the new place now. Yeah, still some boxes to be unpacked, but a lot of what’s in them is just going to be stored in the basement for now. Decorative stuff and things like that. I think there are a couple more boxes of my books to be unpacked yet, also. And some clothing, but nothing vital. Most of that is already done. We are pretty much getting into a routine now. We had to alter our grocery shopping habits, though. Before the move, the BaldMan could easily stop at any of several grocery stores on his way home from work. Now, that is not the case, or at least, they are not on a direct route here. So, we have been planning menus and shopping for the week on Saturdays, which has become “errand day.” It’s not bad, really, just different.

We had an escapee last weekend. Jasmine snuck out the door when I was taking the dog out for his morning pee run. She didn’t come running, as usual, when I put out the cat food, and we couldn’t find her anywhere in the house. A couple hours later, there she was- sitting on the porch, waiting to come in! At least she found the right house. Of all the cats, she is the one who will try to escape, but we suspect she was an outdoor cat before we got her. Old habits die hard, I guess.

We had a very nice birthday dinner at Rye and Thyme in Leominster, MA on Saturday. Nice place, good food, decent prices. It was a good, relaxing night out. Happy birthday to us! LOL

Now, we are on to another week. Let’s hope we get some nice Spring weather, yes?

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