Monday Musings: Memorial Day Fun, Chili Season Begins, and Other Miscellany

We had a nice Memorial Day weekend. Most of it was quiet. The kids and grandkids were here on Monday for some good food and fun. The grandkids are getting so big! Even the baby is almost to the actively crawling stage now. Carter, at four years old, is already a seasoned hiker with some impressive hikes under his belt. Bianca, at two, is (sometimes) lucky she’s so darned cute! She definitely has the family attitude already! Will, at eight, is still an all-around good kid, and always willing to help out with whatever needs to be done. They all seemed to enjoy the food. Bianca even ate a few of the spicier chicken wings.

The only one who was an itch was the dog! He was just a ball of unfocused energy all day long. I took him for a good walk and play session longer than usual in the morning, hoping it would ramp him down enough to help him focus once people got here, but not so much. He bolted out the door once, and ran into the neighbors’ house, which was far less than optimal. He slipped his collar while our middle daughter had him out for a walk. He had to be crated for a long stretch while everyone was here, because he was making a nuisance of himself. We’re going to have to put some really serious time into calming behaviors. Or get some good drugs. (Kidding. I think.)

The rest of the week was pretty normal. Work and normal day-to-day stuff until Friday. The past weekend started the chili season for us this year. We were supposed to have a two-day event to do, but Sunday was forecast to be really horrible in CT, so the second event was cancelled. Saturday was a smallish cook off, but it was a good one. The weather was hot and humid, so we were really glad they set up the judging tent away from mosquito central where it was last year! The whole day went quite smoothly and quickly, with no issues on our end.

We had a very nice room at a Residence Inn for Friday night, and were given a gift certificate to a local Italian restaurant for dinner. I always like staying at Residence Inns. It’s nice to have the suite with a real kitchen, even if we don’t always take full advantage of it. If we’d stayed the originally planned two nights, we would have had dinner there on Friday and gone out on Saturday. They do have a patio with a grill, so we would have grilled a steak. Ah, well, that’s just how it goes with outdoor events. Sometimes, you can deal with the weather and just carry on. But there are times when you simply have to add the safety issues to the loss of participation you always get with less than ideal weather and call it. It was good to get home on Saturday, I must admit.

So, being away for the weekend meant we had to board the dog. Turns out we may have been able to take him, but we discovered that as a possibility a bit too late to change all the plans. Since we moved, we have had to find a new place to board him. I have to admit, we were pretty spoiled with the place we used in NH, and if she hadn’t moved as well (to KY!), we would probably still use her. The new place really seemed nice when we visited, but C and C was so great, it’s kind of hard to compare. I was nervous dropping him off, even though I was sure he’d be fine. He’s generally a good dog, and he does love everyone and everything on sight. He was his usual happy self when we picked him up, so I guess he did okay. And I didn’t get a phone call telling me to “Come pick up this wild dog right now!!!”

And that was pretty much my week. Back to fully “normal” this week, I hope!

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