Monday Musings: Better Late Than Never?

Today is Monday. And it feels like it. Like your stereotypical, no-fun-at-all, bleah Monday. I think I am still recovering from Saturday. We had the Massachusetts State Cook Off in Winchendon, MA then. As usual, the BaldMan was chief judge and I was scorekeeper. We knew it was going to be a long day- they always are- but this one was really wearing. The weather started out rainy, but then the storm blew over. And it got hot and humid, and didn’t relent all day long. That sort of weather just sucks the energy out of me. By the time we left, I was tired, sweaty, hungry, and probably a bit cranky. We picked up some Chinese food on the way home, and just collapsed after we ate. I love doing the cook offs, and MA State has always been a favorite, but that sort of weather is no fun at all. I’m glad the rain let up, though, because the people did come out for the cook off and that means the Kiwanas made some money for all the good charities they support.

So, because we were away on Saturday, we had to do our grocery shopping and errands on Sunday. We didn’t rush to get going, so it was mid-afternoon before we were done. The rest of the day was quiet, and just a recovery day. Now, today, feels like I need another rest and recoup day, so I haven’t done a lot of extra stuff. And one of the things that suffered was getting this post out in the morning. Forgive me?

We did take Lambeau to the cook off on Saturday. This is one of a couple that he can go to, and it’s a one day for us, since Winchendon is close to home. He was a good boy, as usual, although it seemed to take him a little longer than usual to settle down. He was a bit whiny and antsy for a while after we got there. I did bring his long line and a toy, and we got a chance to get him out and play for a bit before the crowd came in. He was good overall, as usual. And he made a few new friends as people walked by and came over to say hello to him. He loves that, because he loves people and attention! While we were out on Sunday, we had to stop at Petsmart for cat food. The BaldMan went in while I waited in the car. He came out with the cat food, and some new Kong brand squeaky tennis balls, and a soft flyer toy for the dog. I had told Lambeau he would get new tennis balls once we moved, and we finally made good on that. He was so happy when I took him out to play with it later.

While we were out, he dumped over his water dish, so I took him around to the front where the outside faucet is so I could fill it again. While we were there, our neighbor came home from the store and parked in front of his door on the street to unload. Lambeau, of course, saw him and the tail started and he was watching. I told him to Stay! and started trying to quickly untangle from the shrubs in front of the faucet so I could get hold of him. Turned out I didn’t need to. He actually stayed! On the porch- tail wagging, and he really wanted to run out there, but he didn’t. First time for that and I was really proud of him. In the past, he’d have just leaped off the porch no matter what I said. He got rewarded for that!

So, Monday, you’re almost done. And good riddance. Tuesday is on the horizon. Let’s make it a good one!


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