Monday Musings: Shipping SNAFU, and Deep Thinking

Our youngest grandson turned one last week. His party was yesterday. We ordered a gift for him through Amazon, and it was scheduled to arrive at our house on Saturday. No problem, right? Especially since Amazon is usually so very good at this stuff. Well, this time, not so much. The order status was “Shipping Soon” all week, with a delivery date of Saturday, 9/24. No notice that it had actually shipped. A couple of emails got not much more in the way of information. On Saturday, the status still said “Shipping Soon” and that it would be delivered by 8PM. Eight came and went, and no package. A phone call got a “Hmmmm. Not sure what’s going on.” But they did say they would find out and make sure it got shipped asap, and they are refunding our money. Not quite as good as having the gift to take with us, but I’ll take it. And, he’s one, so I’m sure he didn’t even notice he didn’t get a gift.

Amazon Prime shipping is usually spot on, but something got glitchy with this one, for sure. Of course, some might say that if we had ordered it earlier, there would have been wiggle room for something like this.Ha! That’s why we pay for Prime- so we don’t have to think about these things before the last minute!! Anyway, Logan will have his gift, just a bit late. And I am sure he will love it anyway.

On a personal note, I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately. Well, more than a bit. I’ve been cranky and sore and tired and just not right. Yeah, I’ve had a cold that seems to be hanging on a bit more than it should, but this has been going on longer than that. I pretty much feel like this:

Black and White

I don’t like it. I have had no ambition, no desire to do anything at all, and haven’t gotten a lot done in any aspect of my life in a while. It’s gotta stop. And the only one who can stop it, is me. I really do believe that if you change your attitude, your way of thinking, your outlook on everything, you can change yourself and your life. I’m not talking about anything so serious as to need outside help. It’s more that I’ve fallen into some non-productive habits and I’ve let them take over. That’s going to change. I am making some changes in what I do and how I approach each day. Most of it is internal stuff. but I hope it will manifest outwardly. I’m going to do more for me; more of what I want to do, how I want to do it. It will probably take some time. Bad habits, or any habits, are hard to break, but replacing them with better choices will help. It’s going to be a process, but, you know- baby steps, right?

Oh, and this is the first week of Oktoberfest, so we are planning a German themed dinner menu this week. And that means I got sauerbraten down to marinate this morning. Yum! All German, all week. Doesn’t get much better.


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