Wednesday Wanderings: Europa Plumes, Secrets Under Paintings, Real Life Transformer, and Cat Bouncing!

The Hubble telescope has recorded what may be major activity under Jupiter’s moon Europa:

Water Plumes on Europa

(Which is all well and good, but I can’t help thinking of 2010: “ALL THESE WORLDS ARE YOURS, EXCEPT EUROPA.ATTEMPT NO LANDING THERE.USE THEM TOGETHER. USE THEM IN PEACE.” Maybe we should just leave well enough alone?)

Imaging technology and other advances have allowed researchers to uncover hidden parts of paintings without damage:

Technology Uncovers Secrets in Art

This right here is the ultimate Halloween decoration:

Real Life Transformer Car

And just because:

Bouncing Cats

(If one gets stuck, pick him up with your cursor and fling him to get him going again.)


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