Monday Musings: There’s a Chill in the Air

Yes, indeed, there is. And even I have to admit that it’s kind of nice. This summer was brutal far too often, with high temps and high humidity. The chilly feel that we have now is a rather nice change from that. It’s cozy sweater and hoodie weather. Boots and scarves. Even hats and gloves, now and again in the early hours walking the dog. Yeah, I know- Winter is coming, and I will be bitching about the snow, but for now, I am just going to enjoy this in-between weather, with its comfy clothes and pretty leaves.

Oh, and football season is in full swing. That’s American football for you soccer fans out there. What a weird start to the season it has been. Week four is just about over, and every week has some very interesting things to discuss around the water cooler, right? From injuries to key players to what the heck did Jeff Fisher think he was doing with those two challenges? And, of course, with the NFL season, comes Fantasy Football. All I will say is that once again, I shoulda played my bench! Last time I listen to those analysts! Just one more good thing about Fall.

It looks like Thanksgiving will be here this year. Which should work out okay with a little planning and arranging. I will admit that, thinking about it, it will be kind of nice not to have to drag coolers and totes full of food and supplies to wherever dinner is. And then hauling it all back home. It also means I have to start thinking about dessert. Hmmm. Turkey ice cream? Oh, yeah, there’s an idea, right?

So, on we roll into October. The year is winding down, and we’ll be in the dark night of Winter soon. But for now, let’s all just enjoy the Fall weather and scenery, and be happy. We deserve it, don’t we?

(Photo of the mums on my front steps)


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