Tuesday Thoughts: January and Onward

Sorry about the lack of Monday post. I wanted to. Really, I did. But then there were so many other things to do, and, well, I just never sat down long enough to get ‘er done. But I got some stuff done that has been waiting for too long, so I guess that is something, yes?

January is in full swing, isn’t it? It’s kind of a weird month to me. It’s not the worst of the year- February gets that one- but it’s not the best one, either. It’s cold, and often dreary. Everyone seems to be in hibernation. It’s easy to just sit back and start to retreat from the world. It’s also a month of new beginnings, even if you don’t or haven’t made formal resolution. A new year has begun, and even without listing a bunch of things “I will do” this year, many people do decide to change things, to make a new start in some aspect of life. And, of course, this year, we have a new political climate, which is shaping up to be quite the storm, I’m afraid. January does have a lot of movement in it, despite its outer appearance.

I got my new Fitbit tracker yesterday. My Flex decided to start acting wanky last week, and after I contacted the company, they decided it was probably at least getting toasty. It was out of warranty, but they gave me a 25% discount on any new one. I chose the Charge 2, which has the added advantage of tracking not only steps, but flights of stairs, as well. And since I am up and down stairs all day long, I thought that would be good. It also tracks sleep, like all the Fitbit trackers, plus heart rate, exercise, calories burned, active times, and other stuff. And it will alert me to text messages and phone calls when my phone is in range. So far, I like it. It was a bit frustrating to set up, because the label in the package said to go to the website to set it up, but the website directed you to the mobile app. If I’d know that, I could have started the set up at the dining room table, since my phone was right there, instead of coming all the way up here to my computer! Oh,well, it wasn’t a horrible thing, and once I got it going, the set up was easy. Oh, and did I mention I got the plum wristband for it? I did. Pretty!

I had a whole flock of bluebirds on the deck yesterday. See?


Since there is more than one, I’m letting you all share in the happiness!


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