Tuesday Thoughts: A Day Late, and Most Likely Several Dollars Short

Yes, this should have been done yesterday. I came downstairs yesterday and the house looked like a tornado had hit the kitchen and dining room, and then backed up to assess the damage. So, a good portion of the day was spent dealing with all that. Add to that the dog had been at the kennel for the weekend while we were in CT for a cook off, and he always comes back with a little too much pent up energy. So, I wanted to try to bleed some of that off with a good play session. Something had to give, and it was Monday’s blog post in this case. But, hey, now you get some Tuesday reading you wouldn’t have had otherwise, so all good, yes?

The cook off on Saturday was good. This one is pretty laid back, for us, anyway. We are in a separate building from the cooks and crowd, and have it pretty easy. I am glad it was a nice day, though. The new building in completely unheated and if it had been as cold as previous years, we’d have really been uncomfy. We have, in the past, been in the building where the golf center housed all the landscaping equipment, so we were treated to the lovely smell of diesel fuel and fertilizer to go along with the chili. But at least there was heat of sorts there. It was only enough to keep the engine blocks of the big tractors and such from freezing, but at least it was something. The new place doesn’t have that. It does have a whole wall of hay bales. But I will take the smell of hay over fuel and fertilizer any day! There were wide doors at the front of the building that we rolled open to let the sun in and that helped.

This cook off usually benefits a needy person or family in the Somers, CT area. This year, it was for a local firefighter who had been injured and had undergone multiple surgeries with all the expense that entails. When I was over in the cook’s area, it looked like a pretty decent crowd turned out, so that is a good thing.

We did this one as a one day, since it is only about an hour and a half from home. But we did have to board Lambeau since dogs are not allowed at the golf center. And we weren’t sure until just before how the weather was going to be. We had emergency hotel reservations, just in case things turned bad. They didn’t, so we were able to cancel them early. It was a long day, but a good one.

Ah, Sunday. You looked like a good day. Not much to do, hang out, wait for football and time to pick up the dog. But- oh, did you disappoint. Not the dog. We got him home fine. The football, though. That Packers-Falcons game was rough. But the Packers have no one to blame except themselves. Well, and a few poorly timed injuries. They really defeated themselves by playing pretty darn poorly throughout the game. And that Falcons team is pretty good. No Super Bowl for the Pack this year. Ah, well, you can’t win them all, right?

Well, at any rate, we are off to a new week. Let’s all try to make it a peaceful, kind, and good one!

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