Monday Musings: What Happened to Summer?

I think we blew through it a couple weeks ago, didn’t we? Seems we have had very little sunny weather since that warm spell. I mean, I’m glad we are getting enough rain, but a little sunshine on my shoulders would be welcome!

Oh, hey- we bought more plants! It seems we can’t stop this year! But this one is really pretty. It’s a basket with a beautiful blue lobelia and white verbena. The blue is eye-catching. I also planted my morning glories, and put the basil in it’s summer home planter out on the deck. I have a three tier bamboo plant stand coming to put out there for the herbs. They will be right outside the kitchen this way, and easy to snip when needed. I am hoping to get the tomato and cucumber planters set up this week, since the plants are hardened off and ready. I can’t get over how well the lettuce is doing on the plant stand in the basement. The romaine is deep green and full, and the cimarron is nicely tinged with red. The first planting is just about ready to use, and then I will start more seeds. I also have arugula growing down there now. It’s cool all the time down there, so those cool weather plants are very happy.

We took Lambeau on a nice hike last weekend. We went to Farandnear, which is very close to where we live. It has lots of trails and is not a difficult walk, although there were some really muddy, messy spots. He did well. I had him on his long line, and he was a bit excited by the new place at first, but he settled down pretty quickly. We had to kind of skirt around the muddy spots and it was tricky for me trying to maneuver along the sloped sides around trees and brush, and hold onto his leash since he didn’t care and just plowed through the mud! But I didn’t want to get all muddy and wet. The BaldMan said to just let him go and see if he’d come to him. I admit I wasn’t sure, and had thoughts that we would be chasing the dog through the woods, but I decided to try. Unclipped the line and told him to go to Daddy, and the BaldMan called him. He ran straight to him and stayed there until I got across with his line. When we looped back, I just waited at one end of the mud and let him go again. He did really well. Never tried to run off at all. Good dog!

There is a big beaver pond there where beavers have built a dam and part of the trail is flooded and closed. We were walking along the pond, and Lambeau decided to just jump right on in! He was wearing his backpack, though, and my wallet was in there, so I got him out quickly. Silly guy!

We also went to see Carl Palmer’s ELP Legacy show. It was really good. No keyboards but the two musicians he had with him almost– almost made me not miss it. They did some neat electronic jiggery-pokery to make up for it. Lots of good ELP stuff, including all of Pictures at an Exhibition. And Carl asked people to take video and post it in honor of Greg Lake and Keith Emerson. So– here’s a bit of “Lucky Man” and “Promenade” from Pictures:

And the obligatory picture with the artist at the autograph session:

Aftershow 2

And I think that catches up with what’s been happening around here!


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