Monday Musings: Happy 2018!

We welcomed the New Year of 2018 in at midnight. I know a lot of people are saying how glad they are the 2017 is now past, and, to some extent, I can sympathize. But, really, every year has its ups and downs, doesn’t it? Some do seem to be more down than up, but I think that is partly a matter of perspective. I could spit out a bunch of trite cliches here and tell you to focus on the good, see the bright side, look for the silver linings, stop being so down on yourself and everything around you, and on and on. I know some have had a rough time in the past year, and that is never enjoyable. But I think everyone probably had some good- family gatherings, discovering a new book, TV show, movie, or hobby, sunny days, starlit nights, a laugh with a good friend, a soft kitty or puppy to snuggle with. And those will continue into the new year, as well. Why not take a moment today to look back on some of the high points of your past year? At the very least, it might make you smile, even for a minute. And every smile is worth enjoying.

What’s up for me in 2018? Oh, mostly the usual. I have my November NaNoWriMo project to finish a first draft on. I have the collection of flash and short short fiction to finish and get edited. I have a couple ideas for new projects, and one that has been sitting around here for far too long that I want to try to do something with. I should be busy with all that for at least the first few months of the year.

New Year’s resolutions? I don’t make them. At least not in any formal sense. I feel that the idea of “resolutions” just sets you up for failure. We all fall victim to the “I am going to change my life!” trap too many times for me to want to do that to myself. So, I don’t promise to do this, and swear to stop doing that. I identify a few areas I need to work on, and try to work on them in small ways without putting the pressure of “resolving” on top. It’s kind of a subtle difference, but it works for me. Keeps my mental state a bit more positive. and that, I think, is the real key to making changes.

I hope your New Year is happy, fun, delightfully weird, surprisingly upbeat, and most of all, I hope we can all find ways to remain in touch and spread joy, peace, and good will wherever we may find ourselves.

Happy New Year!


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