Monday Musings: Animal House

No, not the movie. Just some random recent stuff from here at the Kropphold.

A new dog park opened up in the next town over. We took Mr. Lambeau there on Saturday. It’s nice. They did a good job planning and building it. There are a few things left to do, but it’s open and people are using it. When we got there, there were quite a few dogs in there. They all crowded the gate when the new guy arrived. It was amusing. About eight muzzles all lined up, waiting for us to come in. One couple was there with four American Eskimos- pretty dogs, and all very friendly. At one point, I thought one of the females was going to climb up in my lap! And there were also two huskies, including a big male. Also freindly, thought Diesel, the male, wasn’t quite as into playing as Lambeau is. Everyone had fun, even though it was hot. We didn’t stay too long because of the heat. Here’s a picture from play time:


That’s Lambeau, bringing up the rear!

And one more picture, from this morning. You see what I have to put up with?


Yeah, that’s our Siamese, Cookie, face down in my coffee mug. Rude.

Here’s to another nice summer week!

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