Monday Musings: Flower Power

(That picture above is from a previous year)
We went to the local garden center yesterday. It will be the first of a few trips, but at least we have a start to the flowers for this year. I am doing a bit of a different color scheme this year. The past few years, most of our front porch flowers have been various shades of purple, from light to deep. I accented them with white. This year, I am going in a more pink/red direction with yellow accents and a bit of white for contrast. I have petunias, both single and double, calabrachia (million bells), snowflower, allyssum, begonias, and some really nice coleus for the shaded railing box. I also got a nice chive plant. I will be putting them into their planters this week. It will be nice to have some color out there again.

I planted dwarf sunflower seeds in the big pot that I set by the garage, but something (birds or chipmunks) is eating both the seeds and seedlings. I guess I will have to start those inside here and transplant when they get bigger.

The veggie gardens out back are coming along, also. I have a lot of spinach to start harvesting so that the kale I planted between them can have some room now that it is sprouted. Lettuces, radishes, and other greens are starting to take off. The scallions are sprouting. One of the best things we did this past winter was enclose the plant stand in the basement with insulation and add heat mats. My tomato, pepper, and other seeds have done great. The tomatoes, a sweet habanero pepper, and zucchini are out in their places already. The cucumber, bell pepper, and broccoli are right behind. The tomatoes have flowers already.

I think it is going to be a good plant season. As long as the sun stays around for a bit, that is!


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