Friday Review: Soul Storm (Eden Hunter #1) by D.N. Erikson

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Soul Storm (Eden Hunter Trilogy, #1)Soul Storm by D.N. Erikson

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Eden Hunter died and was brought back to life as a reaper, harvesting souls for an ancient vampiric overlord. They live on his private island where the souls Eden collects are traded and sold for their magical usefulness. She is also indebted to the island’s rain goddess, living under a bargain she struck to bring her sister back to life. Now, an old friend is murdered almost on her doorstep and the FBI is eager to put the blame on Eden. There is a second reaper operating on the island and her boss wants answers. Eden needs to figure out who is behind all the puzzles before she ends up dead, this time for good.

This is a decent book. Eden is smart, competent, and snarky. She gets her teeth into a problem and refuses to let go, no matter what or who gets in the way. The plot has some nice twists, it is full of action and moves at a fast pace, and pulls together at the end. Characters are, if a bit stereotype at first, grown to individuals. The surprise twist that connects Eden to the mystery is personal and fits the development of the plot.

The book reads quickly and is a good choice for fans of urban fantasy with a bit of a twist on the usual plot lines.

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