Monday Musings: Beer Fests and Other Amusements

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Saturday afternoon, we went to the Nashua River Beer Fest in Fitchburg, MA. It was the first time we’ve been to that one. It benefits local charities so we got to sample beers from local craft brewers and support some good causes at the same time.

There were 31 craft brewers this year, plus four food trucks. We did not sample every beer from every brewer. Given that they all had at least two and some had four or five beers, and they were giving you 4 ounce samples- well, you can figure it out! We did about six or seven samples each (the equivalent of about two and a half bottles), and shared samples so we got to taste a number of brews. We didn’t sample most of the really local brews because we already know them and can go to most whenever we want. There were some really good beers and some that we thought were just okay. Nothing I tasted was terrible, just not all to my taste.

We also decided we’d better get some food while we were there. We went to Say Cheese, a grilled cheese food truck. I had the Figgin’ Goat (goat cheese, fig jam, and arugula) and the BaldMan had the Pickleback (dill pickle, cheddar, and bacon). Both were good. 

We knew there was rain forecast for Saturday and sure enough, just about the time we decided to leave, the skies opened up and it poured. We’d parked a couple blocks away from the location, so we just waited it out. It didn’t last all that long, although there was some thunder. By the time we left, it was just sprinkling lightly and when we got to where we parked the car, the rain was done.

Speaking of where we parked the car, it was in a public lot in a building that houses one of the local brewers. So, what do you do after sampling a bunch of beer at a beer fest? Of course. You go to a taproom! We split a sampler of their current selection and again, some were good, some less to our taste. None were awful. They also had beer slushies. They only had one currently and it was their imperial stout with Oreos, Kit Kats, and something else that I can’t remember. Oh, man, was that good!

All in all, it was a fun day out, and a good thing to do on a summer Saturday.

Sunday, we took the doggo out on a few adventures. We needed to go to Home Depot, and I wanted to stop in at PetSmart for a few aquarium related things. Since both of those places allow dogs, we took Lambeau with us. He was pretty good. Got a bit excited when people payed attention to him, but I have been asking people to take one of the treats I bring and ask him for a sit, and give him a treat when he does. Just trying to reinforce the idea that sitting nicely gets him good things. We also stopped at the grocery store for a couple things, but I stayed in the car with Lambeau for that one.

A good weekend, all around.


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