Monday Musing: Follow This Fellow On Facebook

I don’t often make recommendations about who to follow on social media, but this is one I think everyone would enjoy and benefit from.

Tim Cotton is a sergeant in the Bangor, Maine police department. He writes the Bangor PD facebook posts also, where he mainly chronicles the visitors to the department’s Duck of Justice, a taxidermied duck rescued from a dumpster that has become something of a celebrity. Sgt. Cotton also talks about some of the more interesting aspects of being a police officer in a northern New England town. And that one is interesting and fun, too.

But the one I think you should really look at is his own personal page. You won’t find biting social commentary or ranting about politics or any of that stuff. What you will find is honest writing with a lovely down-home feel. TC (as he is known to his many fans) writes about the simple stuff- driving to “camp” with his dog, Ellie, sunsets over the lake, walks in the woods- day to day stuff. He has a real way with words and although his writing may not always be 100% grammatically correct, it is always 100% sincere and compelling. His words fit like your favorite flannel shirt on a chill autumn day.

Try it. You might like it. @TimCottonWrites There is also a podcast, if listening is more to your taste: Cotton Blend Podcast


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