Monday Musings: Impossible

We did it. We went to Burger King and had an Impossible Whopper. We’d seen the Impossible Burgers at a local grocery store but didn’t buy them right away. Of course, they haven’t had them since. We did want to try one, though, because- well, just because.

One thing I have to note right away is that we don’t eat fast food. Haven’t been to a McD’s, BK, KFC, Wendy’s or the like in more years than I can remember. So, it’s not like we’re judging from a perspective of eating this sort of thing regularly.

We ordered one regular beef Whopper and one Impossible Whopper. And onion rings, but those were palate cleansers. Onion rings count as palate cleansers, right? First thing I have to say is that the Impossible burger wasn’t horrible. BK’s beef burgers really don’t have much beef taste, so when the Impossible burger was rather bland, it didn’t fail there. Having them side by side, well, yes, there is a bit of a textural difference but if I didn’t have the beef patty right there, I can’t say I would have noticed. As I said, not a lot of beef flavor in the beef patty. It kind of tasted like nothing. And the Impossible patty matched it there. Overall, it was not bad. Better than some non-meat burgers I’ve had. Still would like to find some in a grocery store so we can cook them the way we normally cook a burger. But for a fast food burger, it was not too bad. 

Have you tried it? Do you want to?


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