Monday Musings: Stay Tuned!

The newly designed cover for Five and Daemon: The Yo-Yo Files #1 is done! And I am so very happy with it! Many thanks to Kream of the Kropp TechWorks for the design, which is much nicer than the old one, and really works with the story so much better.

The new cover has been submitted to all the appropriate places and I am just waiting on final approvals because I am planning a little promotional celebration once it’s all ready to go. So, stay tuned for the cover reveal coming very, very soon. I hope on Wednesday. And you, my little blogfrands, will see it first.

*does happy dance of anticipation*  


Do you like science fiction and fantasy? I would be very happy if you would check out my books and other stories. You can find more information about them all at the link below. Thank you!

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