Cover Reveal: The New Cover for Five and Daemon is Here!

As promised, my blog followers, you are getting the first look at the new cover for Five and Daemon: The Yo-Yo Files #1.  The rest of the world will see it tomorrow.


Isn’t that just gorgeous? The sign is so perfect for Miss Lucy’s shop and the little demon on top is so darn cute!

Here’s the blurb for the story: Something very strange is happening in Carroll Fork. When an unusual number of low-order demons start showing up in town, demon-chasers Johnny and Cerise start taking notice. And when Cerise, who sees the daemonflash that marks the presence of a demon, discovers that the demons are being sold to the townspeople in clothing and other items from the local thrift store, they head to the small, quiet town to investigate. Almost nothing at Miss Lucy’s Emporium is as it seems, including the sweet, elderly proprietor. It’s a devil of a spot to be in, and Johnny needs every skill he has to clean things up in Carroll Fork. Including some help from a local waitress, a bit of heavenly intervention, and a yo-yo.

It’s urban fantasy. It’s novelette length, so longer than a short story but shorter than a novella. It’s got devils, demons, Southern charm, a bit of snark, and, of course, a yo-yo.

And to celebrate the spiffy new cover,  from now until the end of October, Five and Daemon will be available free at Smashwords in any e-book format you prefer. As always, if you do read it, please leave a review. It is much, much appreciated.  


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