Winter Wednesday

That little break from all the social media stuff was nice, and I enjoyed it. I can’t say I didn’t miss it, but I think a rest period now and again is a good thing at times. Just dropping back and letting the world go by on its own is a necessary reset. But, as they say, I’m baaaaaack! (Even if I am just talking to myself!)

It’s been a lovely few days here in the northeastern USA. Winter arrived. Oh, boy, did it! The snow started on Sunday and it snowed from late afternoon then until Tuesday, with very little let up. I think we must have a couple feet out of white stuff out there now. And it’s been cold and windy on top of it. I have learned to, if not love, at least somewhat enjoy winter, but couldn’t we have eased into it just a little more?

Lambeau, on the other hand, is not a fan of snow and cold. He doesn’t know what to do when I take him out. All of his usual potty spots are buried behind big snowplow-made snowbanks. And with my knee not doing so well right now, climbing those things is a hard no. So he wanders, and zig-zags, and circles, and sniffs, and finally decides he just has to take what he gets. And then he is just all “Let’s go! Back to the warm house- now!!”

Last Thursday was Thanksgiving here in the USA. We did a low-key Thursday here. It was just the BaldMan and I, so we did a chateaubriand rather than the traditional turkey that night. Our turkey dinner was Sunday. Yes, the Day of the Dreaded Snowstorm. It was going to be a small group this year anyway, as his family couldn’t make it. It was just us, our oldest, her husband, and our grandson. With the storm due to start late Sunday afternoon, we rescheduled dinner to lunch so they could enjoy the feast and still be home before the worst of it. It was a good day. The food was delicious, as usual, and it’s always good to have family around. It was a good holiday.

So, we move on into the Christmas season. I have most of the decorating done here. There are a few things left to do and they should get wrapped up this week. We won’t get our tree until after this coming weekend since we are having a group of friends over on Saturday and it takes up a good bit of the living room. We look quite festive, anyway, I think.

Happy Winter!!


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