Whatever Wednesday: Random Stuff Around Here

February is the worst month, as far as I am concerned. It seems to go on forever. It’s often cold, but you know the warm weather is not far off and that just makes it seem colder. Many February days are gloomy, cloudy, and gray. Makes me want to just nap through the whole month, looking like that sleepy polar bear in the picture up there.

Getting the writing going this year has been tough. I seem to be lacking inspiration for a lot of things. So, I have put aside the big projects I slated for these first months and am writing a short story in the Yo-Yo Files series. It’s going to feature some local flair, including the dread egopantis from a local restaurant’s “history”. Go ahead- google egopantis. You won’t find anything not related to the Bull Run Restaurant in Shirley, MA. But hey, if that ain’t fodder for a Yo-Yo Files story, I don’t know what is! Long live the egopantis!

I also discovered I am well ahead of schedule on the fantasy side of the flash collection. I don’t have all twelve yet, but the scifi is lagging behind. I am trying to get back to at least one day a week working on those. I am also rewriting the blurbs for most of my already published stories. I just think they could be better. The ones for the novels, in particular, are short as far as book descriptions go. 

In other parts of my world, we are going to be spending the weekend in Boston. A long-time friend is having his 50th birthday party on Saturday night at the Ritz-Carlson, so we thought it might be nice to make a weekend out of it and stay in Boston Friday and Saturday nights. No, not at the Ritz. We ain’t made of money, you know! Maybe hit a brew pub, the Museum of Science, and Eataly. We haven’t spent any time in Boston in a few years, so this should be fun, and I am looking forward to it.

One thing I have been doing this year is more reading. I kind of slid off last year and didn’t make my reading goal. I have also gotten back into audiobooks and have finished two. On the e-book/prints side, well, I started off with two big ones. I finished the 800 pager and am working on a 400+ page autobiography now. Stay tuned here for reviews on Fridays.

And that’s the news from here. If you are slogging through these last weeks of winter, I hope you have warm blankies, hot coffee/tea/cocoa/whatever, and a good book or three to help you along.


The Demon’s in the Details, the third story in my urban fantasy series the Yo-Yo Files is now available.

Urban fantasy like the above not your thing? Well, I have science fiction and more traditional fantasy stories available, as well. Look here for all the deets on the above series and the rest of my published stories.