Monday Musings: “Man, It’s a Hot One”

“Like seven inches from the midday sun”

Or, at least, that’s how it has felt the last couple days. We’ve had heat indexes over 100. The humidity hasn’t been too brutal, so I guess that’s a good thing. Still, I haven’t been outside more than necessary. The dog goes out on the deck, sleeps for a short bit, then wants back in to the air conditioned inside. I don’t blame him. My container plants are soaking up water and the lawn out front is brown and crispy. I’m watering it, so I hope it is appreciating the extra moisture.

And, yes, I know. It wasn’t that long ago that we (as in those of us who like warm weather) were complaining that it was still chilly and not like Spring. Now, it’s too much like high Summer. Just because I like to be warm, and like the bright sunshine and blue skies of Spring and Summer, doesn’t mean I enjoy cooking in the extreme heat. A little moderation would be really nice.

Things are slowly starting to open up again here in MA. We seem to be doing it pretty reasonably and our virus numbers keep going down. I hope it holds, and that people don’t get ahead of themselves with those stats. Everyone needs to be cautious in order to keep the trend down. We aren’t going anywhere unnecessary just yet.

So, stay cool. Stay safe. Stay healthy. It’s going to be a long Summer. Let’s enjoy as much as we can!

(The lyrics posted in the title and beginning of the post are from “Smooth”, written by Rob Thomas and Itaal Shur, and performed by Rob Thomas and Carlos Santana on the album “Supernatural”.)


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