Monday Musings: Upcoming- Short Fiction

Flashes: A Collection of Very Short Fiction, my next project, is currently scheduled to be released in January. It will be a set of 24 short pieces, 12 sci-fi and 12 fantasy. There may be a bonus story, as well, but no promises on that one. I am not convinced on the title as yet, since it seems to imply that this will be a collection of flash fiction. Some of them do fit in that very, very short category, but most are longer than what you see defined as flash fiction. I set a word count limit for myself at 2000 words, so, yeah, they are all pretty short.

A few of the fantasy stories included are from the set of free stories published here (revised and edited), but most are newly written, and all of the sci-fi will be new. I am, as of now, about 60% finished with the writing. Of course, there will be edits and revisions to come after that. And all the other “stuff” that goes along with putting out a book. Six months should do it, right? *fingers crossed*

If all goes well, there should be a pre-sale at some point later this year. I’ll determine that once I am more sure of a release date.

If short stuff is to your liking, keep an eye on this space for more news as I get closer to putting out this new work.


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