Super Sunday Is Going to be a Snow Day

At least here it is. We are expecting a possible 4 to 8 inches from tomorrow morning into tomorrow night. And we still have a foot or so out there from last week. I guess Mother Nature just realized she hasn’t given us enough snow cover to create the snow melt we will need in the Spring. And then she decided we should get it all at once! Oh, well, that’s winter in New England.

The BaldMan went out shopping on Saturday. He was going to do some then and set up a Hannaford To Go order to pick up Sunday, but with the weather forecast, he cancelled the Hannaford order and did it all Saturday. It meant a longer shopping trip but better that than trying to navigate a storm.

And, of course, for us football fans, Sunday was the Super Bowl. It’s been a weird football year (like pretty much everything else!), but we made it to the Big Game finally. Who am I cheering for? Do you need to ask? Kansas City! I wouldn’t normally be happy that the Chiefs made it, but I would love to see Mahomes take this one away from Brady. Brady is one of the best QBs out there, but he gets a little too full of himself at times, and his fans are really obnoxious. GOAT? Greatest of ALL TIME? Really? Did I miss something? Has all time ended? No? Then how can you say that of anyone? He will always be in the top listing of QBs, but I suspect that within 5 or 10 years, a lot of the records he holds will go to someone else. And I don’t think you can say “greatest of all time” about anyone because comparing the early days of football to today’s game is a bit like the old apples and oranges thing. They are two different things and what was top tier great in one era can’t be compared to the top of the other. Too many things changed, too many rules are drastically different, and too many players who excelled in one era wouldn’t in the other. I count Brady in there. He is great, I am perfectly willing to admit that, but he wouldn’t be the QB he is if the forward pass hadn’t been made a legal part of the game. So, you can’t say he’s better than someone who couldn’t legally pass the ball. Not a fair comparison. My opinion, but there it is.

We settled in the warm living room, with some snacks and libations, to watch the game as the snow fell.

Go, Chiefs!! I hope you got it!


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