More Writing Getting Done

I have been able to get some steady work done on writing this week. That’s a nice improvement from all of last year, where I got very little done. I have gotten through a first read-through and revision on all twenty-four of the short short stories. That was one of the big goals for this week, so mark that one accomplished.

I discovered something I found interesting when I was reading all those stories. I am much more long-winded when I write fantasy than sci-fi. I am not really sure why that is, but there are more in the fantasy set that are on the longer side than sci-fi. And by “longer” I mean around 2000 words- which is still not all that long. There is one that is measurably longer, but that one is on the list for some real cutting this week. I am trying for a hard goal of no more than 1500 words each. It’s a tight goal, especially since the last few things I wrote before these were novel length.

Why so short? Well, as I said, the last things I worked on were novels, so I wanted to see if I could hold myself to the shorter length and still tell a complete story. I think I managed, but we’ll see what some beta readers think when I get to that point.

Otherwise, I am going to be working on this year’s Halloween story this week, also. I did not do one for last year, but I will have a short story this year. I think I am going to do a ghost story, but keep it a bit on the light side. I have it at least partly planned in my head, but these things have a way of taking turns that weren’t expected.

As for the rest of life, the house is about as unpacked as I can get it for now. There are still a few things left to deal with- pictures need to be hung, we need to figure out what to do with all the cookbooks we’ve accumulated (not really room in the kitchen for them here), the BaldMan has to organize his tools and brewery stuff, and we are still waiting for our new stereo cabinet to ship. That’s a biggie, because until we get that, the living room can’t be completely finished. It is now scheduled for “early October,” which is now, so I hope it comes soon!

Enjoy your week, whatever you are up to!


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