It’s a Local Thing

On Saturday, we went to Spiedie Fest in BInghamton. Spie adies are a bit of a local thing here. It’s chunks of marinated meat, originally lamb, but now made with pork and chicken also, grilled and served on slices of soft Italian bread. It’s a summer thing that started in BInghamton, and isn’t known too much out of that local area. I mean, I grew up about an hour and half from hear and I’d never heard of it until I met the BaldMan. Like many local things of this nature, there is a weekend festival around it. It was held at a local park and included a balloon fest and evening concerts with Barenaked Ladies and Martina McBride. Two of the local spiedie places had booths, and there were the usual carnival type food trucks- fried dough, funnel cakes, fries of all sorts, and more. There were carnival rides and games, also. We ate spiedies, of course, and visited the beer tent, also of course. We were going to watch the afternoon balloon launch but it was delayed, likely because the wind was getting a bit strong. On Sunday, there is a spiedie cooking contest, which the BaldMan may investigate for next year. Hey, we have all the outdoor cooking competition equipment, and he makes a decent homemade spiedie marinade, so why not? It was a fun for a Saturday afternoon outing.

Monday, we get our replacement refrigerator. We bought a new one a few weeks ago and it wasn’t working properly. The freezer lights won’t stay on- if you unplug it and plug it back in, they come on a few times, but after that, when you open the door, the lights don’t come on. And the door open alarm is always on, whether the door is open or not. Thank heaven, it can be shut off because that beep,beep,beep every few minutes was driving me nuts! It’s a Samsung, and we like it but we paid a decent amount of money for the thing and we wanted on that worked properly. The problem is, Samsung apparently doesn’t have any authorized repairmen in this area. They seemed to think we would be happy with a partial refund and keeping a defective fridge, but, um, no. So, finally, they agreed to get us a new one. It’s a pain, because I have to empty the thing again, but hopefully, this one will work properly.