Friday Review: Living History by Hilary Rodham Clinton

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(Disclaimer: I like the Clintons. I think they have been subject to unrelenting scrutiny and dislike that I never understood. I am trying to be honest in this review despite that.)

“Living History” is Hilary Clinton’s autobiography covering her life from childhood through her husband’s two terms as President of the United States. She gives a rather brief (four chapters or so) on her upbringing in a middle-class family in the 1950’s. The majority of the book is centered on her adult life, from the Goldwater Girl years in college, becoming a student activist, meeting and marrying Bill Clinton, and her years at the center of the US political world. It is a prejudiced story, as are most autobiographies, at least in some people’s eyes. The story is told from Senator Clinton’s view, and as such, may be colored at times by her outlook and beliefs. But it is, in every way, her story. Clinton is honest, straightforward, and her strength shows throughout. She writes not only about the political world she is an intimate part of but also personal goals, disappointments, and sadness. It’s a personal account of some of the most interesting times in our nation from someone who saw the events from the inside, and is another perspective for those interested in those events.

Overall, I found the book readable and fascinating. It might be a good read even for those who are not fans, just to get a perspective from the “other side.” History buffs should enjoy it for that alone.

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One thought on “Friday Review: Living History by Hilary Rodham Clinton

  1. Living in a very red state area in the 1990s, I got the feeling a lot of resentment was that after 12 Republican years, a lot of right-wingers thought they’d finally gotten “their” country back. Then Clinton proved they were wrong and they never forgave him.
    Plus the Arkansas right wing had been spewing conspiracy bullshit about them for years, and that soon bled onto the national stage.

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