A Week of, Well, Not Much

Really not much to report here. Last week was quiet, and this week is pretty much the same.

I did go for my annual mammogram today. Which is why this post is late getting put up. The morning was used up doing normal Monday things, and I had the appointment at lunchtime. Nothing unusual but since it was the first time at a new place, there was paperwork and lots of questions to answer. The films themselves took no time at all. Now, just hoping it is the usual “nothing to see here” after the radiologist gets a look.

This Saturday, I am going to one of my sister’s for the annual family cookie baking day. Now that we are close enough that it’s not a five hour drive, I can join the fun. We do rolled and cut out sugar cookies. My youngest sister makes the big batch of dough beforehand, and then everyone gets together to roll, cut out, decorate, and bake. It always looked like a fun day, and I am glad I can join in!

Otherwise, nothing special. The furnace got a check over by the heating guys. Looks like it hadn’t been serviced in years. Nothing wrong, thankfully. Filters appear to have been changed regularly, at least, since there was a spare in the basement. So, he changed that, did some cleaning, and looked it over. The only issues were that the ducts need cleaning, so we scheduled that. He will also be back next week to run the wire and install the thermostat we got to work with the home automation. Otherwise, we are all set to stay nice and warm this winter! Which is a good thing.

I got book bonuses in the mail today! All from Grim Oak Press. I backed two Kickstarters they ran and one of those arrived today, as well as the three books I ordered from their Black Friday sale. All hardcovers, and all beautiful. They do quality work. Some of their editions are pricey, but you do get truly collectible books. One of mine was a copy of “Sometimes the Magic Works” by Terry Brooks. It was really inexpensive because it was listed as “damaged”. What it is, is a lovely hardcover, double signed by the author and the illustrator. The damage? Very slight wrinkling on one top corner of the signature page. I was quite pleased with all of them.

Christmas decorations are going up slowly. We will be out looking for a tree very soon. The BaldMan is starting to play with those programmable LED lights for outside. Not too much this year, as it is getting late- and cold!- but he’s got ideas for next year! I am working on the indoor stuff, but, of course, this year, I have to find new spots for a lot of it. It’s meant a lot walking around the house with a decoration or two in hand, looking at this spot or that. Fun times!

If you are heading into your winter holidays, whatever they are, I hope the season is happy and blessed. If you are finishing your Hannukah celebration, I hope your festival of lights was bright.


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