Friday Review: Piano Lessons: Music, Love, and True Adventures by Noah Adams

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

At 52 years of age, Noah Adams, NPR host and news reporter, decided to buy a piano and learn to play. This lovely little book chronicles his first year as a piano student, with all the ups and downs, triumphant moments and frustrating setbacks. It’s also a love story to music, and life, and how we shift and change with time.

I have to admit, I related quite a bit to this book. I, like Adams, have always loved the piano, and very similar to him, decided as an older adult to take lessons. I fully understood his journey. It isn’t easy as an adult to pick up something like this. It’s difficult, there are many times when it seems to be far too much work, often tedious work (scales!!!), and fitting that work into an already full life is daunting. And Adams had far more on his plate than I did- he regularly worked 12 hour days, and travel was a large part of his NPR job. And I will admit to being a bit embarrassed- he progressed better than I did, despite all that!

The book isn’t just a diary of The Year I Learned Piano, but also weaves in the history and lore of the piano, as well as conversations Adams had with the likes of Glenn Gould, Dr. John, and Tori Amos. It’s the story of life, love, and the pursuit of dreams, something we all can relate to, I think, whether our dream is to play piano or some other skill.

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