Upside Down

Last week was a bit on the unsettled side. I had physical therapy twice and a second appointment with the orthopedic doctor also. It cut into things enough that the week felt off kilter all the way through. I’m working on adjusting to the new schedule since the PT sessions twice a week are going to continue for a while. It didn’t help that I overslept on Friday morning and was rushed all day because of that. Friday’s Review post was one victim of the week, and I apologize for that. I hope this week settles into a routine easily.

It didn’t help things at all that in the midst of everything else, I decided that one of the scifi stories in the Crossed Wires collection needs to be completely rewritten. This with the preorder period coming up next month, and the book releasing in May. At least I have a good idea where it’s going and it will be short, of course. Nothing like making even more work for yourself, right?

As far as the knees go, PT has been okay. Slowly adding to the exercises I need to do at home, and I did some work on the stationary bike. This week, they are going to teach me how to walk, as apparently, I have been doing it all wrong. Well, at least wrong for my not-so-great knees. That should be interesting. As for the doctor’s appointment, we are going to let things be for now. The cortisone is still working to some extent, and whatever I get in uncomfortableness has been well managed with ibuprofen, ice, and CBD cream. He is going to submit a pre-approval to the insurance for gel injections for the knees. He thinks those will be the next step, possibly along with more cortisone. That way, when things get bad again, and I go back to see him, we can (hopefully) just do the injections at that visit. And we’re going to give the PT some time to see how that affects things. I have only had two sessions, so I can’t really say right now if they are helping. I do know that after Friday’s workout, there were muscles that were complaining that they have not had to work like that before!

I can say that Saturday was not a comfortable knee day. They were achy all day long. Not sharp or stabby pain, but that deep, arthritis achiness that is so annoying. Not sure if it was irritation from the PT or the rain coming in or both, but it was not a very comfy day. We did a bit of running around, and by the time we got home, I needed the ice wrap. But it helped, so that’s good. And I did get two new teas and a new coffee to try, along with a new mug. So, really, a good day!

Sunday was a family dinner. My father-in-law’s 90th birthday was St. Patrick’s Day, so we did the whole corned beef thing on Sunday. The BaldMan corns his own brisket and it is so much better than the store bought stuff. I made soda bread and an Irish whiskey cake with Irish cream liqueur frosting. Good food and good people to share it with-my kind of day!

Here’s hoping the coming week settles in nicely!

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