In the Good Old Summertime

And I have been slacking on the blog again, haven’t I? As usual, there isn’t really an excuse. Just the same old excuse of “Where did the time go?” The answer is, as usual, I have no idea! Anyway, summer is getting into swing here, and I have been able to bring my laptop out on the deck to work. It’s nice!

On the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend, we had a family party here at the house. Most of my family came, as well as the BaldMan’s parents, and his sister and her husband. It was fun. We grilled burgers, hotdogs, and Italian sausage with onions and peppers. Everyone brought a side dish or dessert (some brought both!). All the food was delicious, the company was excellent, and we could not have asked for better weather. Set up our 10×10 canopy in the yard with table and chairs, and the porch furniture is set up, so there was plenty of room. We plan to make it an annual thing.

The other big thing that got done this past week was the front landscaping. We have a fairly steep hill from the top of the front lawn to the street and it was a bear to mow. So, we decided to hire a landscaping company to come in and replace the grass with a garden. They did a beautiful job! Originally, we wanted to terrace the hill into two or three levels but it turns out that the town easement runs pretty far back from the street, so that wasn’t going to work. So, we have stone from the street to where the planting starts, with some larger rocks along the downhill side to help hold everything in place. Then, the plantings spread across the hill from the edge of the rocks to the top of the hill. They put in something like 22 plants, all nicely grown out and healthy looking. I wanted things that would be attractive to bees and butterflies and they got me those. We have Wine and Roses wiegela, black-eyed Susans, Black Knight butterfly bushes, monarda, and summersweet. The wiegela is blooming now, and should rebloom later in the summer. The rest may or may not bloom fully this year, but once they settle in, should be really lovely next year. And only get better as they grow out and spread. I also have a few plants on order to plant there myself, and plans for more. Here are a few pictures:

This is what it originally looked like

And this is what it looks like now

Much better! And no risking life and limb to mow that hill! The landscapers also mulched the front and side of house beds, and wrapped the mulch all the way around the right side to where they graded the side under what is the dining room away from the house so we don’t get the small puddle of water in the basement in heavy rain. So, now, I have nice mulched beds to plant in! I do have some plants for that area coming, as well. Things are shaping up!

I trust the summer (or winter, if you are down under!) is shaping up for you, too!

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