Summer in the City. Or Something.

We have a baby squirrel in the yard. It’s adorable. And completely unafraid of me. I was out there Sunday morning, filling the bird feeders and scattering the critter feed and food for the critters and crows, and I was back and forth a few times from the house to the feeder pole. The little guy/girl just sat there munching on a corn kernel. When I finished, I sat down on the grass about 3 feet away from him (I am going to call it “him” for convenience) and he didn’t budge. Finished the corn and moved on to a sunflower seed. He’s so little compared to the full grown ones. Those aren’t really too concerned about me, either, although they do book it out of the yard if I get too close. They also seem pretty unconcerned about the dog. But then again, he is pretty unconcerned with them. Doesn’t even seem to notice they are there, let alone chase them! I know some don’t think it’s good to encourage squirrels and chipmunks and the like, but I think they are cute, and they have to live here, too, so may as well be friends.

We were supposed to go to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on Saturday to help out at another chili cook off, but the BaldMan came down with a UTI, so we had to cancel. He’s pretty uncomfortable, which is about right for those nasty things. I am trying to be sympathetic and yes, I do understand that we did have to cancel the trip, but, hey, now he knows what girls go through with the recurrent UTIs many get. It’s uncomfortable and it hurts for sure. Just hoping the antibiotic kicks in soon.

We have another couple cook offs coming up. One in Connecticut and one of our favorites in Maine. We are still doing the Chief Judge and Scorekeeper thing in Maine. Those two will be qualifiers for next year’s World Championship, given the revamped season calendar. Worlds will be in September, once again in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. We are going this year. We had to cancel plans for last year because of our move here to New York. The ICS has decided to use the BaldMan’s ScoreKeep program at Worlds this year. So, we will be busy, I am sure. It will be good, though. Things should go much faster and, really, easier using it. We have a number of scorekeepers using it now at regular season cook offs, and everyone is very pleased with how it works and how much faster things go. And more accurately. The computer can do the math faster, and will never make a mistake in adding up scores. There will need to be some tweaks made to the basic program to make it work for the much bigger Worlds situation, but that’s happening. Should be a fun week!

On the home front, things have been quiet. I have some fancy hostas on the way that will go in the shade garden under the dining room windows. Also, some coreopsis to fill in some spots on the front hill. Everything planted by the landscapers out there is doing well. The monarda is blooming, the butterfly bushes are about to open up, and the summersweet is budding up, as well. The black-eyed Susans are showing buds, too. We should be all pretty out there very soon. I also ordered a few things to start filling in the shady foundation bed along the side of the house. Plans are moving ahead, slowly for now, until we get the final plans for the garage settled. That’s part of the fun for me- planning and adding and expanding every year. It’s work, but for the most part, I enjoy it.

Hey! It’s almost July. Summer, sun, and fun, right?

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