Stop, Thief!

Although by the time I saw it, there was nothing to be done.

I went outside on Saturday to check the plants, and every single one of the tomatoes on both plants were gone. Gone! Not nibbled on. Not pulled off and half-eaten and left. Gone. Stems broken, like something broke off the groups of tomatoes and took them. They were still green, too, and I don’t know of many critters that eat green tomatoes. I have had chipmunks or squirrels nibble on ripe ones at times, but they tend to eat part of the tomato and leave the rest. This was probably 10-15 green tomatoes, at various sizes, off two plants. I was pissed! We were looking forward to some nice, ripe garden tomatoes soon. If the plants keep growing well, we may get a few before summer’s over but geez! I just hope what- or who- ever it was, doesn’t like cucumbers, because that box is right next to the tomatoes. If this keeps up, I’m going to be the old hillbilly sittin’ on the porch with the shotgun ‘cross my knees, waitin’ fer that dang thief to show his ugly face again! LOL

In other news, the BaldMan trashed his back last weekend. Moving was tough for a few days. He finally went to the walk-in clinic at the doctor’s, and they gave him a muscle relaxant and lidocaine patches. Back pain is so not fun. He’s been sleeping in the recliner downstairs because trying to lie down and get up in bed is just too painful. I have been doing the cooking and stuff so he can rest. It’s getting better, so with a bit of luck, things will be back to normal shortly.

The gardens are growing well. I will be able to harvest some green beans for dinner tonight, and the two pepper plants are setting blossoms. I think we should be okay to put in a couple small veggie beds next year. Lots of flowers on the cukes and I have seen bees buzzing about them, so that’s a good sign. I have seen lots of bees and some butterflies out front which was the point of putting in the plants we did, so that’s working out. I planted 10 coreopsis in several colors along the border of the mulch and stones in that front hill garden. They will fill in some space and with luck, help keep the mulch in place during rainstorms. I have had to water a lot this week. The weather keeps threatening rain, but it never seems to arrive.

And now, we move on into an new week. Summer is skipping along- can’t believe August is almost here! Next month will be a year we’ve been here in New York. Time flies, doesn’t it? Let’s fly on into this next week and make it a fun, enjoyable ride with no bumps!

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