Not Much Is New

What’s new around here? Not a whole lot, really. I planted some little bluestem grasses in a corner of the front hill that seemed a bit bare. The plan is for them to spread and fill in that spot. And some Great St. John’s Wort in the shade garden under the dining room windows. I put those behind the blue lobelia because I think the yellow St. John’s wort and the blue lobelia will make a nice combination. We did get a bit of rain over the weekend. Not a whole lot, but at least it was something. It was quite hot last week with temps more often than not in the 90s. Not a lot of humidity, so that was a good thing. We are supposed to get more moderate (like in the 80s) temps this week.

We bought a box of utility tomatoes on the weekend. I will process and can them this week. I haven’t done any canning in a number of years, but it will be nice to have some local tomatoes tucked away for future use. I may or may not consider doing some pickles, also. If I can get a bunch of small cukes from somewhere local. It’s a bit of work, what with the sterilizing of jars and lids, and cleaning and processing the veggies, and cooking them in the canner, but it’s also a good feeling when you look at all the jars of goodies and think “I did that!”

One thing I do like about this house here in NY is that we have a nice sized covered porch out back. It’s big enough and the roof extends far enough that unless it is really windy, we can sit out there and watch and listen to the rain. We also eat dinner out there most nights in this warmer weather. I will sit out there with coffee in the morning, as well, and watch the birds and butterflies doing their thing. I have been putting out wildlife feed for the crows and they have been coming for it. Well, the squirrels and chipmunks like it, too. That’s fine. I don’t mind feeding those little critters, either. I have had as many as nine or ten crows out in the yard. I have read that sometimes the crows will bring you shiny things as “payment” for the food once they get used to coming around. I think that would be neat. Although, it would be neater if they brought $100 bills! LOL

It’s going to be another fairly quiet week, I think, and that is just fine with me. I hope your week is a good one!

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