Friday Review: Release Strategies: Plan Your Self-Publishing Schedule for Maximum Benefit by Craig Martelle and Michael Anderle

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Craig Martelle knows the indie publishing world. He has made a decent career for himself with publishing his own books, as well as his series on how to be a successful indie author. While there are bits of information in this book that are valuable to anyone considering publishing independently, it is not for everyone. (That’s not a bad thing, and I am not saying it is. Everyone’s experience is different and everyone has to find what works for them.) The book focuses on a fast release schedule timeline (every three to four weeks), and is focused almost completely on publishing as Amazon exclusive.

If you are a writer who can’t pump out a novel- even a short one- in a month, get it polished, edited, cover design, etc., much of what is in this book will not apply to you. If you prefer to distribute widely rather than restrict yourself to Amazon, some of the strategies outlined here won’t apply, either. Which is not to say there is nothing valuable here. Just that, if you were to try to work step-by-step through the timeline and strategy here, it might not be the right plan for you.

What is here are some good, solid ideas that can be adapted. Much of the basic advice is good, and can be helpful, but much of it is also available from many other how-to books, as well. It’s a decent resource for those new to independent publishing, and has some points of value to even those who have been doing it a while.

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